Thompson Building

City/Town: Hot Springs
Location Class: CommercialHotel/Motel
Year Built: 1913
Year Abandoned: 1980's
Status: AbandonedNational Register of Historic Places
Photographer: Michael SchwarzGrant King

The Thompson Building, one of Hot Spring’s most recognizable landmarks, was built in 1913 and originally housed medical offices. These were converted into a hotel in the 1940’s. The building features an ornate glazed terra cotta façade and was designed in the neo-classical style by architect George R. Mann, the principle architect of the Arkansas Capitol. Like many of the other structures in the district, the first floor is occupied but the upper floors are vacant; however the building has been purchased and is undergoing major renovations starting in the first months of 2015. The Thompson Building is extremely vulnerable to delapitation, mainly due to the vertical shaft that runs through the top four floors which pose a major fire hazard and deter any heavy occupation. Though not currently in disrepair, the building is in severe danger of breaking down and falling into disarray if it is not refurbished soon.


  1. My aunt lived in the Thompson Building in the 70s. I I spent a summer with her there when I was a teen. It was a run down fire trap but it was a fun location because all the cars would circle around and around every night.

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  3. I wish people would make a nonprofit and get donations to restore these old buildings. Companies and people with money would donate money cause they could write it off.

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