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An Echo From the Past

Everyday, neglected structures are on the verge of, if not already, to being threatened with demolition or much needed renovation. We traveled to decayed places around the state and bore witness to the vandalism, the weathering, and the slow death of countless historic buildings. It was simultaneously heartbreaking and captivating. We knew early on that we had to do something to save these places.

Many photographers that have traveled to structures like these simply take three or four interesting photos and leave. Our work is aimed at a higher purpose. Through historic documentation we hope to immortalize the stories of the places we visit beyond the building’s finite lifespan. To preserve an echo from the past.

Our Facebook fan page now has over 20,000 followers and our website is growing more each day.
We are committed to continuing our work and publishing these stories to our website.

AbandonedAR Team


Michael Schwarz
Michael founded AAR in 2012 and has since moved to California to follow his filmmaking career as of 2017.
Ginger Beck
Social Media Manager/Photographer
Bio coming soon!
Eddy Sisson
Photographer/Dogpatch Expert
Eddy loves Dogpatch!
James Kirkendall
James is a very helpful photographer that loves abandoned places.

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