Parkdale High School

City/Town: Parkdale
Location Class: School
Year Built: 1917
Year Abandoned: 1994
Status: Abandoned
Photographer: Ginger BeckBriana Pennington

In Ashley County, there are many small communities, once  hubs of activity, that are now gently sleeping. No school bells ring in Parkdale anymore; students go to Hamburg, or Lake Village, among others. The community is a tiny one, home to approximately 150 people, but the area and those surrounding it are rich with history.

“In the early part of the twentieth century, Parkdale became notorious for violent crimes, including murders. Historian Y. W. Ethridge described Parkdale as a ‘boisterous community’ due to the railroad, sawmills, and saloons. One citizen later said, ‘Parkdale was terrible. There were a bunch of outlaws. It was a shoot-up town….There was a rough and rowdy white element here. It was wild.'” Today it is a tiny, quiet community, with no similarity to its wild past.

The Parkdale High School building is still standing, albeit extremely damaged. The gym building is dry and intact, while the school is full of wet floors and blackboards, a few toppled desks, and broken toilets.

After desegregation, the nearby and formerly featured on Abandoned Arkansas Savage High School was integrated with Parkdale High School until its last school year in 1993-1994, when it consolidated with Hamburg School District.


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