Ginger Beck

I’m Ginger Beck. Throughout my life, I have never passed an old house or building and not wondered what it looked like inside. Raised in the Mississippi Delta, where dilapidated and derelict buildings and homes are plentiful, I allowed my imagination to run wild; the call to explore always beckoned. Being an English major with a MFA in creative non-fiction, it is my nature to absorb and create stories based on real life. Studying the history and seeing the remains of structures that held that history is a gift that not many take the time to experience.

Since joining Abandoned Arkansas, I have been able to feed my lifetime obsession with what once filled the emptiness of these buildings. Capturing the essence of the structure, be it a loving home or a fancy hotel or a sad hospital, is an honor.

When I’m not out exploring, I teach high school alternative students, operate a private tattoo studio, read tarot cards, and watch too much YouTube. I have a fascination with dinosaurs, namely the T.rex, outer space, slow heavy metal music, and thrift store shopping. I’ve lived in Little Rock for over ten years now and love every minute of it. Visit me on instagram @highfiveg

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