Morrilton First National Bank

City/Town: Morrilton
Location Class: CommercialGovernment
Year Built: 1925
Year Abandoned: 1970's
Status: AbandonedNational Register of Historic Places
Photographer: Eddy SissonLana YatesAustin Ghost

Built in 1925 to a design by architect Charles L. Thompson and listed on the National Register of Historic Places, the old First National Bank building in Morrilton has been in the heart of downtown for many years.


  1. These images are fascinating, thank you for the inside look at this long forgotten place. I wonder what would happen if it were to be renovated.

  2. Concerned Citizen on

    I think that a building that sits for that long and is in that shape can definitely be considered ABANDONED!!! Just because the owner refuses to do anything to fix it or sell it at a decent price so that someone who cares can fix it doesn't mean it's not abandoned. I know for a fact that many people have shown interest in the building but the money grubbing owner doesn't care enough about it or Morrilton to take anything less than a ridiculous amount of money to sell it. A few times a year they will have an overpriced junk sell in the downstairs and call it an "antique shop". Oh please!!!! How about a used old overpriced junk shop!!! Such a waste for what could be a nice downtown! But that's what you get when a town let's its rich citizens run the place.

  3. This building IS NOT abandoned. I just spoke with the owner hoping to take pictures of my own for my personal collection of historic places around Morrilton. He said he explicitly told the guys with Abandoned Arkansas that he did not want the building listed as abandoned for fear of break ins and vandalism. Now no one else is allowed to enter. Thanks guys (sarcasm).

  4. Somthing needs to be done to restore it as apartments or townhouses. It was sad that the town could not save the Old High School it would have made a good event center for Morriltin.

  5. 41 years ago I taught art lessons on the top floor over looking Broadway and Hwy 64. Could see for miles.

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