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The Indian Mall

The Indian Mall

Location Class:
Built: 1968 | Abandoned: 2012
Status: Demolished
Photojournalist: Susan Hardy Harper, Suzette Davidson & Treumuth
The Indian Mall
A child posing with Santa Claus. Photo provided by Susan Hardy Harper

Built in 1968, the Indian Mall in Jonesboro was the only mall serving the Northeast corner of Arkansas. The mall housed early versions of Dillard’s, Gamestop, a TG&Y store, Sears, and a food court. Though in the 2000s, the Indian Mall became a dead mall. Until 2006, the mall has housed many stores including a Dollar Tree, The Gap, Walden Brooks, Radioshack, Trevor’s and many others. The mall housed its own food court, named “Wyatt’s Cafeteria”.

For over 30 years, the Indian Mall was the only shopping complex in the Northeast corner of Arkansas. In 1976, J.C. Penny attached a store on the north end of the building. The Indian Mall was a community hub as well as a shopping hub. During the holidays, patrons would witness Santa Claus riding in on a helicopter. They could take photos with Santa. During the rest of the year it was a very popular hangout spot. Families went to the mall for more than just shopping. Car shows, contests, modeling.

In 2007, plans had come up for a new 750,000 square foot mall. When said mall was built, The Indian had lost most of it’s stores and business. Being labeled as “outdated” and “too small”. The Indian Mall was torn down in 2013, now replaced by Kroger. In 2017, the last standing and operating portion of the mall, Sears, closed after a nationwide closing of stores. In 2020, Gamble Home Furnishings and GearHead Outfitters wanted to put stores in the remaining section of the mall.  They had bought the building together. No other plans have been made public.

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