Arbordale Fountain Lake

City/Town: Hot SpringsFountain Lake
Location Class: CommercialAmusement
Year Built: 1933
Year Abandoned: 1953
Status: Abandoned
Photographer: Michael SchwarzJared HoltAustin Matoon

s-l1000Built in 1933 not far from Fountain Lake School District, lies a big white stucco archway, for many years people have wondered what is behind that big white stucco archway, Dr. H. D. Ferguson developed the property back in 1933 until 1949 and operated it as Fountain Lake, an entertainment complex just 4 miles from Hot Springs on the old Little Rock highway. Fountain Lake had picnic areas, a large swimming pool, dance pavilion, lodge, cottages, a wishing well, pinball arcade and fireworks on July 4th! Local historian Bill Lerz claims that as many as 1500 to 2000 people gathered for leisure and amusement beyond the white archway. The Welchman family took ownership in 1945. On Sunday morning, December 20, 1953 the property was destroyed by fire. It was never rebuilt. In 1958 the Arkansas Sheriff’s Association considered buying the abandoned property for a proposed boy’s ranch. In 1962 the Fountain Lake resort property of 157 acres was purchased by Arbordale Springs, Inc of Springdale, Arkansas. The intention was to develop a Lutheran Senior Citizens Home and retirement area. That dream never became a reality. The property is now owned by Affiliated foods of Little Rock, who purchased it in 1993. Five of the 25 springs on the property produce more than one million gallons of spring water a day. If you drive by the facility now, sometimes you can see tanker trucks hauling water to Little Rock to be bottled as Mountain Pure Drinking Water. Although this is the original Fountain Lake, there is a neighboring town with that same name, including Fountain Lake Schools and Fountain Lake Shopping Center.
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  6. Dan Hawthorn
    Brings back memories when I was a teenager dating and taking girls out to see Fountain Lake Resort. I graduated from CMS in 53.

  7. I graduated from Foubtain Lake High School in 1968 and I remember skipping school a couple of times and we went to Arbordale! That was when the Larsens owned it. Good times.

    • So was the dance floor on water also is the back property have another on it also we interested in looking at the archived pictures of abor Dale place the bed breakfast actually grand day

  8. The dam was rebuilt a couple of years ago, and that new dock was put in by the current owner (not Affiliated Foods, that info is out of date, sorry) because someone was looking at buying the property. The negotiations on it have been going back and forth for a while, but it's still up for sale as far as I know. The plans were at the last I knew, to restore it to what it was originally…I'm surprised AA didn't go back along the side of the mountain on the left hand side of the property and get pictures of the tunnel that's there. 🙂 Pretty narrow, and partially collapsed, but it's still there. I have friend whose family was caretakers on the property back when it was operational and I have some pictures from his family scrapbooks that show original buildings…it was so pretty and different back then.

  9. I used to go there with my family and friends back in the 1949 – 1953 era until it burned down. It was a favorite family entertainment area along with Whittington Park, The Gorge and Bather's Field (for the Class “C” Hot Springs Bathers baseball team).
    We had many fun filled picnic days at Fountain Lake. I believe it was about $1 per car load admission.
    I will try to visit on my next trip back to Hot Springs.

  10. In the late 1970s/early 1980s, when the Larsen family owned the property, Troop 8 of the old Ouachita Area Council of the Boy Scouts held our weekly meetings out there. The spring-fed lake was extremely COLD! There were some very large carp in the lake at that time, too (as I recall, brought in as part of an effort to clear up the over-abundant plant life growing in the lake). The resort buildings (showers, changing rooms, etc.) were all art-deco style with tile and brick in contrast to the rustic cabin hotel on site in which the family lived.

  11. The dam and spillway are there, but a bit broken up, so it doesn't work as well as it did. I was there a couple of years ago and the lake was clear. Perhaps the how weather created an algee bloom

  12. Wow – there is much not left for pictures. My Grandfather showed the place to me in 1980 or so and you could still see the dance floor and the lake was very clear. There was also a dam and spillway that seems not to exist anymore?

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