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Mountain Crest Academy

Mountain Crest Academy

Location Class:
Built: 1917 | Abandoned:
Status: Abandoned
Photojournalist: James Kirkendall

The Mountain Crest Academy was located in Franklin County and was founded by the Presbyterian Churches to serve rural Arkansas. The idea of the academy was started by Rev John Jeter and his wife who finally raised enough money to construct the two-building campus in 1917-1920. Mountain Crest included classrooms, a library, and a boys and girls dormitory. A majority of the students came from Crawford, Madison, and Franklin Counties and the charge of tuition was $1.00 a month. It served grades one through twelve grades. John Jeter finally decided to leave his position as the schools’ superintendent and left it in the hands of Reverend Holly Hunter Patrick who served until the campus closed in 1931. The schools’ main cause of closing was possibly due to the depression. The Presbyterian Church eventually sold the buildings to a farmer who used them as chicken houses. Only one of the Mountain Crest Academy buildings still remains standing as of today.

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Michael Schwarz

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2 months ago

It is owned by my uncle and our family has had it since the school sold it. It is not for sale and it is private property

Steve Purifoy
Steve Purifoy
5 months ago

Is there access to the inside?

1 year ago

Who owns this building? Is it for sale?

Colin Sanders
Colin Sanders
Reply to  Michael Schwarz
1 year ago

Is it privately owned?

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