Peter Rock AME Church

City/Town: Marianna
Location Class: Church
Year Built: 1960
Year Abandoned: 1990's
Status: AbandonedEndangered
Photographer: Michael Schwarz

Twenty miles south of Forest City, sometime in the late 1800’s, a small community was formed around Peter Rock Church. This community eventually grew into what is now Marianna, AR, and while the congregation still exists, the original building that housed the first outpost of this community is abandoned and, recently, caved in. Though the original time the Peter Rock Church was constructed is unrecorded, the building was used for approximately 70 years before being rebuilt in 1960 by Reverend J.T. Hart, either due to demolition or natural disaster.

The town of Marianna began to grow away from Peter Rock at that point, gaining a larger population and many other denominations leading to an urban center several miles away from the church. Due to location issues and increasing instability, the congregation shut their doors on the old Peter Rock Church in the late 90’s and moved to a more central, downtown location. The original building has been left to decay on the outskirts of Marianna and recently collapsed due to structural issues.

There are currently no plans to demolish the building, so on it stands, broken down, still housing its piano and pews under crushed roofing, standing as a memento to the community’s humble beginnings.

Article written by Wells Thompson – AAR staff

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  4. I was also thinking the same thing about the doors, so beautiful! And that piano! I am sure it was once a beautiful piece of equipment. Sad that the church just let it go like that.

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