Mt. Zion AME Church

City/Town: Pine Bluff
Location Class: Church
Year Built: N/A
Year Abandoned: 2004
Status: AbandonedGutted
Photographer: Michael SchwarzEddy Sisson

Located on the periphery of Pine Bluff, Mt. Zion African Methodist-Episcopal (AME) Church shut down in April of 2004. It’s history is somewhat of a mystery; most documents have been either misplaced, destroyed, or stolen. The last pastor was Rev. Selma L. Moore whom we could not contact for a comment. The building still stands, though the mostly empty rooms cause a haunting echo like the leftover reverberations of the choir. The pews have been completely¬†removed for use in other churches and the overgrown foliage reflect the distraught nature of the building itself. The only visible sign of the once thriving community is a handwritten sign advertising their last supper, a $5.00/plate fish dinner.

Article written by Wells Thompson ‚Äď AAR staff


  1. I was wrong I believe our family old schoolhouse/church burned down sometime ago. It was on old warren road behind the church was our family cemetery.

  2. It used to be an old schoolhouse than donated and was turned into a church. If anyone has taken pictures of the cemetery please post!

  3. I think this was my families church that was donated to the city many years ago by my great great grandmother. It was located on old Warren road. There us also an old cemetery. Most if not all documents where destroyed in a fire.

    • Update: I believe my family old schoolhouse/church was burned down sometime ago. It did have a very old family cemetery right behind it. It was on old warren road. If anyone does have future information I would love to see pictures!

  4. There is a very old cemetery right next to this place if I remember correctly. (It it is the same place off of Old Warren Road.)

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