Red Hill Community Church

City/Town: Marshall
Location Class: Church
Year Built: 1940's
Year Abandoned: 1961
Status: AbandonedEndangered
Photographer: Michael SchwarzEddy Sisson

This site of the Red Hill Community Church opened in the 1940s after moving locations from somewhere else in Marshall, as of yet undiscovered. The old building was likely repurposed or demolished after the move; we can say with some certainty after searching for the structure that it is not currently abandoned. After two decades running services and sermons, attendance to the community church dwindled until the church was forced to shut its doors in 1961. The building has since been completely abandoned and, while the additional development in the back of the church collapsed long ago, the original structure amazingly still stands as though it were still in use today. The absence of pews (likely donated to neighboring churches) and the lack of heavy debris, however, point to an unmistakable effort to clean up by the community in an attempt to keep their past alive. The result is a frozen piece of history accentuated by clean documents from the 1950s and the attendance board still hanging from wall, recalling the last service this church ever gave.

Article written by Wells Thompson – AAR staff

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  1. I remember going to church with my grandmother and two uncles at Red Hill church. Lots of good memories there. My two sisters, two nieces, and I were at the cemetery in April visiting. I did not see the church building, I thought it had been torn down. It must have been hidden by trees and brush. It's sad to see the bibles still in the building.

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