Z Motel

City/Town: Little Rock
Location Class: Hotel/Motel
Year Built: 1950s
Year Abandoned: 2016
Status: Abandoned
Photographer: Ginger BeckAsh Gray

The fate of the Z Motel, on Interstate 3o in Little Rock, ended with excitement. What was once a relatively unobtrusive little motel between Little Rock and Alexander became the site of a three hour standoff. It is currently empty, gutted, with the remains of a few old mattresses, toilets, and debris.

Police say a man who had barricaded himself in a Little Rock motel is in custody after an approximate 3-hour standoff.

Police tell Channel 7 News Foster did not comply with negotiators, so SWAT entered the motel room and he surrendered without further incident.

Police confirm Foster has several outstanding warrants against him.

Foster will be transported to the Pulaski County jail where he will be held without bond. Police have not specified what new charges will be filed against him.

The Russellville Police Department got a call just before 9:30 a.m. about a stolen vehicle at a hotel. They asked the Little Rock Police Department to assist.

Police tell Channel 7 News when they arrived at the motel, they located the stolen vehicle and the suspect’s girlfriend, who told police the man had at least one gun and had a pattern of violence with law enforcement.

A hostage negotiator was called to the scene and all of the rooms in the motel were evacuated as a precaution. No one was injured and the situation ended just before 1 p.m.
Law enforcement blocked off the area on Frontage Road from Geyer Springs 1st Baptist Church to the west until the situation was resolved. 


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