Unknown Gas and Grocery

City/Town: Arkansas State
Location Class: CommercialResidentialGhost Town
Year Built: 1927
Year Abandoned: 1972
Status: Abandoned
Photographer: Michael SchwarzEddy Sisson

In the early 1900’s in the town of Otto, a brand new gas station called the Cartwright store opened. The owner, Mr. Cartwright and his family lived in the back of the store and operated the business during the day. Business and income was doing well, until the facility burned in 1927. However, this did not stop the Cartwright’s. Immediately after the fire a brand new stone building was constructed across the street. As indicated by the drawings, banners, and papers on the wall at the front of the store, family was important to the business.

In 1972, Otto was to small of a town to continue operating the grocery store and closed their doors. Several years past and the old structure was gobbled up by trees mother nature. From the road you can still see the façade of brick integrated with stone. The old gas pumps were removed, however and old sign with the gas price of 26 cents still remains inside.


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  2. Linda G Holland on

    This was the only store around violonia .i lived there on a 52 acea farm . This was in the 60's i knew the Cartwright's. I don't understand why it is abandon who owns the land? Lots of people with the lasr name of Cartwright around Arkansas.

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  4. Awesome! I love the vines in the pipes. We saw a great place yesterday on Hey 64, east side of Morrilton. It was an old structural steel business. Big old metal bldg surrounded by crazy sculptures, manikin legs and nature. Very cool but no time to take pics!

  5. Love the old containers & the M.M. Cohn package! I do hope y'all wear masks & other protective gear in these places…they all look moldy.

  6. Buildings were so much more attractive back then. I dislike all the new glass buildings. They have no character at all.

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