Ponderosa Trailers

City/Town: Plumerville
Location Class: IndustrialCommercial
Year Built: 2002
Year Abandoned: 2011
Status: AbandonedGutted
Photojournalist: Michael Schwarz

Plumerville was very excited to see new business move into their hometown in 2002.  Ponderosa Trailers moved in with the intentions to expand their business due to growth over the past few years.  Many locals immediately applied for jobs and within 6 months there were over 200 employees. While Ponderosa’s business was initially strong, there were numerous issues that led to the Plumerville factory to close in 2011.

As a result of the closure many people in the Plumerville/Conway area lost their jobs.

Video of Ponderosa in Operation: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fpV2mqN-Hn4

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That is very bad the number of people loses jobs because of the company has been closed and now the Ponderosa trailer is getting is empty. The owner must make some renovation and give the place on rent or sold it to someone who willing to start a new business or wants to make a house. Nowadays the purchasing of Rush Essay paper writing service and land is quite difficult because of its prices rises.


Dates might be wrong…my husband started work there in 2001..

Glen Shaw

God these photos make me heartsick. I was personal assistant to Chris Camp, and I was one of the main workers for the new Plumerville location. I started working the Plumerville location back when it was just a huge swamp, helping Chris to survey the property. From there was the cleaning up of the land, the leveling, setting forms, concrete pouring, erecting of the red iron building, electrical, water, sewer. I even paneled the inside of the paint room with aluminum sheeting….cut with a circular saw…lol. After the whole place was finished, I helped crate everything at the Conway plant… Read more »


Would make a nice animal shelter or anything else doesn't look to be in to bad of shape

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