Old Monroe County Jail

City/Town: Monroe
Location Class: Government
Year Built: 1891
Year Abandoned: 1988
Status: Abandoned
Photographer: James Kirkendall

The old two story Monroe county jail is located in the county seat of Clarendon Arkansas. It features an art deco architecture and was constructed by Pauly Jail Manufacturing of Saint Louis Missouri in 1891. Due to federal regulations the jail inmates were eventually transferred to the new facility across the street in 1988. The old jail is now currently vacant and is a significant historical landmark of Clarendon as the oldest standing county building of Monroe County.


  1. I would love to visit this place! I am in Kentucky and that is a little too far for me to travel. Have you thought about starting a website like this for abandoned buildings in Kentucky? If so, contact me. I would love to be a contributor.

  2. Hi! Do anyone know if there is a possibility to organize a photo shoot on that location? I am a photographer and I'm looking for such a horrifying place in Monroe to shoot the ad for Helloween. Deadline is on 1st of October, so I have a limited time. If anyone has the information, please, contact me via email or here.

  3. I remember working as a radio dispatcher at MCJ. I also operated the Breathalyzer, those were times….

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