Booneville Community Hospital

City/Town: Booneville
Location Class: Hospital
Year Built: 1961
Year Abandoned: 2007
Status: AbandonedEndangeredGutted
Photographer: James Kirkendall

As you travel through the rural Arkansas towns of Logan County you may notice that the city of Booneville has many historical buildings. Among them there is the famous Arkansas Tuberculosis Sanatorium, Ace Combs Factory,  and the Savage Theater. Not to mention the numerous buildings of downtown Booneville.

One important historical landmark which some may have forgotten is Booneville’s former Community Hospital building which was constructed in the years 1961 and 1962 and built at the cost of approximately $400,000. The building from the outside may be mistaken to look like a small school but when you enter the lonely hospital ward it seems to have unending halls with remnants of history.

As you enter the ward you may sense a feeling of emptiness that may send a horrifying chill down your spine. On the other hand, you see the evidence that there was a caring staff that would do what they could to provide the best care possible for their community.

In 2007 the Booneville Hospital was closed and then reopened with a brand new facility that was built next door. The new hospital opened its doors in 2008 as a twenty five bed hospital and featured state of the art equipment. Booneville Community Inc merged with the Catholic ran Mercy Hospital of Fort Smith on October 2013. Mercy of Fort Smith also operates facilities in Ozark, Paris, and Waldron. The old Hospital building has debt issues and may either face demolition or serve as another purpose such as a mental health complex or rehabilitation center.


  1. Does anyone else not find these pictures creepy ? I just think non abandoned hospitals are way more creepy then abandoned ones

  2. I think it should be used as a mental health facility. Because people need mental health care and safe places they can go for help

  3. Why does it look as bad as it does? Did it flood? The ceilings and floors look like they have been removed in some parts? The sad thing about this building is that to be used for all of the wonderful things listed above- homeless shelter, veterans home, children's crisis center, etc. the building must be brought up to current safety, fire, electric, etc. building codes which I'm sure is so expensive and would require an enormous amount of remodel so is out of most not for profits budgets. Most of us would say, a cold, hungry homeless person wouldn't care about codes, open the doors, turn on the heat and get him inside and he'll be happy no matter what it looks like or how many smoke detectors there are. Unfortunately, the red tape of the government would never allow that.

  4. How about a Children's Shelter. It's perfect and with the crisis the state is facing with the foster care system this would be a great solution.

    I also like the homeless vet idea. It ahold be used not demolished.

  5. They have made old schools in the south , assisted living facilities for the not so rich independent elderly that don't want to live with family but needs someone close
    1 employee to watch out , a maintenance person when needed. Turn 2 rooms to a kitchen/living area with bedroom. Community washers and dryer . Common area in and out , so residents can visit if wanted . They can have home health because it their resident .

  6. Hell yeah , let Vets in out the cold
    Great idea my friend . Misty was born there in 1976. They kept her in rocker. They had not had a baby there in a bit they told me . My mom and sister in law had also been there near death in the late 60's . Save it

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