Mountainaire Hotel

City/Town: Hot Springs
Location Class: Hotel/Motel
Year Built: 1940's
Year Abandoned: 1990's
Status: AbandonedNational Register of Historic Places
Photographer: Michael Schwarz

2014-07-05 11.15.40The Mountainaire Apartments in Hot Springs are one of the finest examples of Art Moderne architecture in the area and perhaps even in the state. Originally built as a hotel in the mid-century motor tourism boom of Hot Springs, these twin buildings have stood vacant for almost twenty years. A restoration effort in the early 1990s began and fizzled, but not before a majority of the interiors were stripped out. In more recent years, the roof has begun to leak, compounding the deterioration of the interior. The Mountainaire could still join the numerous preservation success stories in Hot Springs, but time is running out.

** This hotel has been purchased and is undergoing restorations! Go like the Facebook for updates or if you are interested in volunteering! **


  1. We stopped and looked at these buildings just a few days ago Nov. of 2019.
    Sad to say both the buildings are still falling apart and up for sale.
    The big white house next door is also abandoned an falling apart.

  2. Cheryl Grisham on

    Love the history of our town. Would love to see explore and take pictures for our history! ! Thank you for the opportunity.

  3. I'm visiting Hot Springs and my jaw dropped when we drove by this gorgeous property. How can anyone allow such a beauty to go to waste is beyond me. Bought for $35,000 in 1994, for sale now for $200,500, and the person who owns it should be in jail for such a travesty. It's got gorgeous bones but the owner won't get a red cent if he continues to let her rot and the building falls in on itself.

  4. Did a shoot at the Arlington Hotel and I couldn't stop staring into this place the whole time! I really wanted to go in, does anyone know if it's possible to do a shoot there? Or at least outside of the building?

  5. I will be in town a few more days and if i could get permission to take some pictures i would love the opportunity. I have been all over the state taking nature shots this would be a great variation from what I have for the area.

  6. I was born and raise in Hot Springs, Ar. but now I've live in Dallas Texas for 28 years. I go home often and I've seen these buildings wilt. IT's such a shame that so many bldgs in Hot Springs are doing the same.
    These pictures remind me of Miami Beach, Fl. I wish the would be restored. Hot Springs is a very unique town for it's size. A lot of history!

  7. My wife and I recently visited Hot Springs for the first time and were very impressed with the history and the architecture throughout the area. We liked the area so much that we have returned and looked at several homes, one of which is very close to these buildings. My first comment on seeing them was what a shame that those beautifully designed buildings have not been restored. I've searched the web several times trying to find any information about them and just stumbled on this site today. I hope that the apartment conversion that you mentioned begins soon and they can once again be appreciated by everyone that sees them. Thanks for the great photos.

  8. I have to admit, it's a tad bit unnerving to see a pic of my front door on here, lol! I live with my roomate in the white house next door to these buildings, which there's a pic of our front door in this pictorial (the double glass doors with the frosted design are actually of the big white house/buliding next door, which was actually part of the hotel originally). We love these buildings too, which is why my roomate is actually going to be restoring them, converting them into apartments. He loves their historical value, and wants to see them taken care of. You would not believe how many people we find over there taking pictures of the buildings, or wanting to have pictures taken of themselves in them!

    All he's asking is that if you want to go in, just ask…even if there's not a car in our driveway at the time, there's usually somebody home, so just knock on the back doors (we don't usually use the front one) and ask. We've had some issues with a few unsavory things apparently happening in the buildings, as we've found evidence of, so for safety's sake, we'd rather you ask!

    • If we return to the site we will be sure to ask! Thanks for the comment and sorry for the trouble. We just didn't know who owned them! Thanks, This is one of my favorite posts!

      • Oh that's ok, not a problem, we love talking about the history of the buildings with people. They're pretty neat, and the information we've gotten about the designer and his history is pretty cool too!

    • I would love to know how to get out and take photos of this place! I'm semi familiar with Hot Springs, but I don't think I have ever really noticed these buildings. If someone would be kind enough to give me an address or directions (from Arkadelphia) I would appreciate it! I'm an art major & I would love to take some Infrared photographs of the building 😀

    • How is it that you have decided that you are the tour guide for these buildings. If anyone needs to see these buildings or is interested in some info. Call the number on the Building. 501-276-1717.

      • John, with all due respect, at the time the original comment was made, the owner had said we were allowed to let people in, as we were watching the property more often than anyone else. We kept plenty of unsavory activities from happening there. If anyone had questions beyond what we could answer (and I know more about the history of that property than the historical society does, as I did the research on it myself), we told them to call the number. I hope someone is still keeping an eye on it, as I no longer live next door. I only wish we could have gotten the capital together to buy them and restore them like we had wanted to. I hope that someone still can. -Carrie

  9. I have driven past these building and long wanted to take a good look at them, but always had kids in the car. I can't believe these haven't been restored as there aren't too many buildings like this in the US. Thanks so much for the pictures and info!

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