Hopewell Presbyterian Church

City/Town: Cord
Location Class: Church
Year Built: 1950
Year Abandoned: 2003
Status: For SaleAbandonedEndangered
Photographer: Michael Schwarz

The Hopewell Cumberland Presbyterian Church was first founded in 1835 by the local community of Cord. A small wooden church building was constructed in the early 1900’s across the street from the current location of the church today. The small community fell victim to a fire that destroyed the church and a few homes in the mid 1940’s. Carefully built with stone, a new church was reconstructed in 1950 and invited many new members. However, attendance began to decline in later years as many people moved south to bigger cities. Around the mid 1980’s, the church closed due to lack of congregation and the church sat abandoned.

A few years later the church was purchased and refurbished into Ye Old Church Antiques & Gifts. This shop featured a few items from the old church along with antiques from the store owners own collection. Eventually the shop had to close in December of 2003 due to slow business and a few tax issues.

The old church was bought once again and the owner had plans to turn it into a house, however, his plans for the residence fell through and the old place worship once again, sat empty. 

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  1. Karen Wolven on

    I just discovered this website last night and I feel so incredibly blessed to have found it. My husband and I are concidering a life change and had looked at possibly relocating to Arkansas. My family are members of Orange Cumberland Presbyterian Church in Missouri. My father in law is the pastor there. We both are history and architecture buffs. Hopewell church is so moving! It could be the project we need. I will be contacting the owner and look forward to learning more of the history of the church and community. Ms. Coleman's comments were especially intriguing .

    • David churchill on

      I grew up in that church. My grandfather actually built the church and sustained a fall and broken back during construction. He, Albert Fast, also was a woodworker and built the altar, podiums crosses etc. My dad, ewell churchill, was director of services for years. Hope someone can restore it before it's too late.

  2. The original church was located South and a little West of this location. It was destroyed by a tornado. Several women of the church were present at the time but none seriously injured. Those mentioned as past moderators also held positions of leadership in the denomination including missionary to Japan, Executive Secretary of Board of Finance, Director of Children's Home. Bobby Coleman

  3. Kathy, as our tour bus passed by this building on June 1, I felt sad because the building is in such disrepair. I am glad that the name and history is preserved as a part of Faith-Hopewell Cumberland Presbyterian Church because so many Cumberland Presbyterian denominational leaders came out of that church.

    • Kathy Coleman on

      This was my families church for decades. Being the last member of this awesome place. It's saddens my heart to see it this way. So much a history and many ministers born and raised here.

      • AbandonedAR Team on

        Thanks for sharing Kathy, could you possibly expand on the history a little bit? We'd love to hear your story!

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