Historic Roundtop Filling Station

City/Town: Sherwood
Location Class: Commercial
Year Built: 1936
Year Abandoned: 1980
Status: AbandonedEndangeredNational Register of Historic Places
Photographer: Michael SchwarzJared Holt

RoundtopDXThe Roundtop Filling Station was built in 1936 by the Justin Matthews Company for the Pierce Oil Company. Pierce Oil was one of the “baby Standards” formed after the U.S. Government’s breakup of John D. Rockefeller’s Standard Oil Company in 1911. Pierce operated gasoline stations in Arkansas, southern Missouri, western Louisiana, Oklahoma, Texas, and Mexico. In 1936, Pierce Oil contracted the Justin Matthews Company to build a uniquely shaped gasoline station along U.S. Highway 67. It is believed the structure was designed by Matthews’ company architect, Frank Carmean, and was built by builder C.C. Eubanks.

Wallace David “Happy” Williford, a senior at Jacksonville High School in Jacksonville, Arkansas, and employee at another Pierce-owned station in Jacksonville, was asked by the company to come run the new service station. Williford agreed and worked at the station before and after attending school. Williford paid men to work the station for him during school hours, but says it was hard finding men who would only work for $3.50 a week. For rent, Pierce charged Williford two cents per gallon of gas sold. At first, the station had no electric gas pumps, and Williford and his employees had to hand pump the gas up into the glass bowl before filling each car’s tank.

Around 1940, the Roundtop became a Sinclair station, after Pierce Oil was purchased by the Sinclair Oil Company. Around this time, electric pumps were installed Some time in the early 1950s, Sinclair sold many of their Arkansas stations, including the Roundtop, to the Phillips Petroleum Company, and the station became a Phillips 66 branded station. In the 1970s, the station would become a DX branded station, and when it closed in 1981, it was a Sunoco branded station due to Sun Oil Company’s acquisition of DX.

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  10. I loved this place! I love the man who owns it, and I love his family. When I see this place; either by driving by it, or seeing these photos; I can always think of a happy/Happy memory.

  11. Belinda Hubbard on

    I have memories of this place.It was on the way to Missouri Pacific railway, were my dad worked.Sometimes I thought faeries live there, sometimes I imagine it was a Dutch home, and always looked for wooden shoes by the door. I also like that it was kinda a round a circle.

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