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Massery Laundry/ Cuffs Cleaners

Massery Laundry/ Cuffs Cleaners

Location Class:
Built: 1925 | Abandoned: 2008
Status: Demolished
Photojournalist: Rick Peters

‘Ghost’ Dr Pepper sign revealed in building demolition – Arkansas Blog

Article by Max Brantley

Two buildings in the West 7th Street Historic District were constructed in the 1920s and are both located at 1100 block of W. 7th. The building at 1107 W. 7th was constructed c. 1925 for Little Rock Bottling Company, who advertised the manufacture of Chero-Cola. The Dr. Pepper Bottling Company moved into the building in the late 1930s, remaining through the 1950s. The building was expanded to the west in 1930. Next door, on the southeast corner of Ringo and W. Seventh Streets, the Massery Laundry Company Building at 1123 W. Seventh Street was built c. 1925. The one and one-half story brick building is typical of 1920s commercial design in its decorative brick pattern with subtle cast concrete details.

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A partial documentation of the Cuffs Cleaners building under Demolition.

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5 years ago

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Really very useful tips are provided here. Thank you so much. Keep up the good works

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6 years ago

You done lot's of research on Massery Laundry and get fine stuff for us because if we do this research it take lot's of our time.The other things also matters but the over view looks so important now a days.

10 years ago

I work two blocks from here. So sad they couldn't restore and reuse the building.

Reply to  Pat
7 years ago

It probably couldn't be saved it looks horrible, and heavily damaged.

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