Dugan-Stuart Building

City/Town: Hot Springs
Location Class: Hotel/Motel
Year Built: 1904
Year Abandoned: 1983
Status: Abandoned
Photographer: Michael SchwarzGrant King

Looking above altered first floor storefronts the Dugan-Stuart building remains a testimony to the early 20th century architecture. Built in 1904 four at house medical offices, this building has two identical splayed wings, camped with a massive cornice with dentils and modillions. Note the rich terra-cotta embellishing the top corners. Later the medical offices were converted into a hotel in the 40’s. Windows in each wing in sets of three, have banded brick forming posters between them. Fifth floor windows and art, note the round windows between them. Originally between the two halves was a column supported pediment entrance way one could into to go to the famous basement bowling alley. This bowling alley was used as a hideout by most of the gangsters from the 20s.

Dugan-stuart-oldSome of the upper floors used to be wide open areas until the building was converted into a hotel. Note the ceiling on some of the upper floor photos. You can see where the original decoration in cases the steel beams just below where the ceiling starts. Each door handle has the initials “D&S” (for Dugan & Stuart) engraved and still has a majority of 40’s hotel interior. From light fixtures, bathrooms, tiling, elevator doors and much more.

The lower floors in the past have housed various sundry shops, however today the building has been purchased and is undergoing major renovations starting in the first part of 2015.


  1. Some beautiful potential….hope the renovators save all the gorgeous architectural details…railings, etc. looks like condo potential!

  2. Instead of letting them sit there and rot, why don't the owners of these places gut them and sell some of the stuff. Like the office door, for example, that's still in tact and beautifully constructed. Or the hand-laid tile pieces…

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