Burdette School

City/Town: Burdette
Location Class: School
Year Built: 1922
Year Abandoned: 2001
Status: National Register of Historic Places Burned Down
Photographer: Lance Nettles

The Burdette School Complex is a collection of historic school buildings at 153 East Park Lane in Burdette, Arkansas. It consists of six buildings, five of which were built between 1922 and 1948. The oldest is a stuccoed Prairie Style structure with a hip roof. Also of note is a red brick building built in 1939 with funding from the Works Progress Administration, and the gymnasium, which consists of three Quonset huts with a false front. The complex is regionally distinctive in that none of its buildings have been significantly altered or removed.

The complex was listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 2001.

Much of it was burned sometime around September 2015 from suspected arson. The fire melted siding on one of the school’s original buildings, now the Burdette City Hall and Water Department, but didn’t reach the gym.



  1. I attended school there 1st grade through 9th. The teachers were all wonderful. We received a great education there. I remember the great meals prepared by the ladies in the cafeteria. Mr. Autry came to our science class and told us President Kennedy had been assassinated. My brother David and I went to the school the day we found out it burned. There were many others there too. I wish all kids had the school experience we had at Burdette!

    • Cheryl (Eubanks) Fox on

      Do you know if this school once was a high school? My parents, now 85, attended high school in Burdette but I’m not sure if it was this school. This was probably in the late 1940’s.

  2. I attended k-6th grade, so did my mother and grandparents. Such wonderful memories were made there that will always be with me. I can still remember the smell of the floor wax that they used to prepare the wood floors for the first day of school. To this day (and I’m 38) The smell of floor wax takes me back to the first day of school. I can remember all of my wonderful teachers and their classrooms. I can remember Ms Washington (the janitor) selling school supplies from the janitor’s closet. I can remember the taste and the smell of Burdette’s famous cinnamon rolls and chili. It was such a beautiful school, I cried the day I learn someone had set fire to it.

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