St. Joseph’s Nursing Home

City/Town: Brinkley
Location Class: ResidentialHospital
Year Built: 1940's
Year Abandoned: 2001
Status: Abandoned
Photographer: Michael SchwarzEddy SissonBrandon Phillips

St. Joseph’s Nursing Home resides in the small town Brinkley. St. Joseph’s is attached to the old Gazzola Mercy Hospital that opened in the late 40s. In 1968 the nursing home was dedicated to The Olivetan Benedictine Sisters Holy Angels because they conducted and founded the hospital in the early 50s.

Inside the old nursing home today, you can still find old beds, wheelchairs, and even a record book at the front lobby of every patient that came through the building up until 2001 When the facility officially shut their doors.

Please enjoy the pictures below, and do not go to this facility without permission! Police constantly patrol the area and will arrest you for trespassing!


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  4. SO why exactly was this shut down. I mean, I have never seen a hospital or nursing home get shut down. This is the first time I am even hearing something like this.

  5. Mark Hamner on

    I would really like to know how you gained access to the building…thanks for preserving the history of this great hospital…

  6. Lisa Nash Kersey on

    It is a shame the way it looks. I am in need of some info out of the register book, if any one can get it. My grandpa Nash was married to Sarah R Thomas (Nash ) I would like to have the date she was put in the nursing home and when she passed away. 501 206 0659 you can call it or my cell 501 691 0607 thanks so much lisa

  7. Lois Cullum Hicks on

    This is so sad I did clinicals there while in nursing school and went to work there back in 1979. Sister Elaine was DON for the hospital and Sister Alphonse was over the nursing home. Everything stayed spotless always. When the sisters left I thought the city bought it and leased it out.

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