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Pilgrim Rest Cemetery

Pilgrim Rest Cemetery

Location Class:
Built: 1800's | Abandoned: 1980's
Status: Endangered
Photojournalist: Michael Schwarz

This cemetery lies next to an active church in Scott Arkansas. Most of the forest behind the church has gobbled up the headstones, and many vandals and thefts have been in and out of the cemetery leaving only partial memories behind. There once was almost 80 graves here, but now there only seems to be about 20 left. There are now little stakes with orange tags that mark where there once was a headstone around the cemetery.
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Michael Schwarz

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Caleb Whitfield
1 year ago

I worked on my grandpas hay farm for many years in scott and for miles around, found many old gave places and sometimes just one old tombstone dated in the 1800’s. i would sometimes bring flowers to place on the grave and set and eat my lunch while paying my respects to the dead and reading their tombstones thinking how life must have been for them. long story short id love to take a look at this one this fall and maybe i could bring a chainsaw, weedeater, rake, shovel ect and clean it up real nice if its not… Read more »

Angelica Long
Angelica Long
2 years ago

The actual name for this Cemetery is “All Souls Rest” my family is buried here, and we have been trying to get it cleaned up for years. No one has even tried to help us make it a better resting place for the ones who are gone. There have been several different congregations in the church. It was actually All Souls Church that is now located on Walkers Corner off of Hwy 165/Old England Hwy in Scott, Arkansas. Pilgrims Rest Baptist Church is currently the congregation now as of 2022, and even the caretaker of the church spoke with me… Read more »

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