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The Opera Block

The Opera Block

Location Class:
Built: 1890 | Abandoned: 1934
Status: GuttedRestored
Photojournalist: James Kirkendall

Starting in 1890 a variety of entertainers and speakers grace the stage of the Opera Block of downtown Rogers Arkansas. Original architecture and remnants still remain in the building including a poster during the speaking of Sitting Bull. Thomas Edison also spoke here. The stage seated 630 people and the price of admission was around 15 cents. Included a boxing and wrestling ring. The bottom floors were used as bushiness spaces such as Hunts Department Store, Dixie Land Shoes, Coleman Shoes, Citizens Bank, American National Bank and a grocery store. The Opera House floor closed in 1934, used for storage after that.

The current owner John Mack of JKJ Architects, is devoted to preserving and reviving the building to its original glory. The exterior of the opera house was covered in multiple layers of plaster and paint from over the years. He and his team used several techniques to remove the layers and uncover the original brick exterior.

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7 years ago

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7 years ago

In early ages the house architecture are impressive and attractive, with the passage of time the peoples don't maintain them and they are damage. To protect the houses and old heritage places the renovation of them is necessary.

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