Lane Hotel

City/Town: Rogers
Location Class: Hotel/Motel
Year Built: 1926
Year Abandoned: 2003
Status: Abandoned
Photographer: James KirkendallLuke Gramlich

LaneHotelLocked and vacant since 2003 the Lane Hotel is a significant part of downtown Rogers history. John Parks Almand designed the hotel and it is five stories high with Spanish colonial architecture. Constructed in 1929 the hotel has been renamed multiple times including the title as Hotel Arkansas, Palace of the Ozarks, Harris Hotel, Defenders Townhouse, Rogers Townhouse, and Peachtree at the Lane.

The original Lane Hotels owners went bankrupt due to the great depression and the building was reopened again as the Harris Hotel in 1939. It was purchased for 100,000 and the successful Orchard Room restaurant was added to the Lane.

Famous People stayed at the hotel including Amelia Earheart, Jack Dempsey, Errol Flynn, and Henry Fonda. The hotels business began to decline once again in the 1950s as new hotels and motels were constructed in Rogers. In the 1960s the hotel reopened once again as a retirement home. In 2003 Peachtree hospice closed the doors of the lane and new ownership was acquired. Today the magnificent building that was once the lane hotel is awaiting to be reopened once again.


    • And the restoration of the lobby and 2nd floors is beautiful! What a great use of this beautiful building. . .it will have a fantastic life for many years to come!

  1. It is the biggest Spanish Revival building in Arkansas,with an unmistakable colonnade of arches at the second level,over a first floor arrangement of commercial storefronts, and a focal tower.The hotel was not successful,having been finished exactly at the start of the Great Depression, and experienced a progression of owners before shutting in 1965.@Kim Martin.

  2. The Walton Group has acquired the property as of June 30th. All things have been removed except for a few historical pieces. They have no trespassing signs up while they do the asbestos clean up.

  3. Glenn Seaton on

    I wish someone would buy it and restore it to a premiere hotel. I'm willing to bet that people would love to come to such a historic place, even if it's for dinner in the Orchard Room or for dancing.

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