Home Ice

City/Town: Magnolia
Location Class: Commercial
Year Built: 4/16/1949
Year Abandoned: 2000
Status: Abandoned
Photographer: Michael SchwarzCaitlen Taylor

Home Ice Company to hold opening Saturday

Modern plant now ready for full operation

Home Ice Company - April 16, 1949 - 1
Magnolia’s coming summer heat took a major setback this week with the announcement that the home ice company is ready for full operation and will have its formal opening Saturday.
L.H. Schultz, manager and part owner of the local company, said that final tests on the new ice manufacturing equipment were completed last week, and that the firm is no marketing ice retail and wholesale.
The home ice plant completes a block of new business establishments on the area between West Main and West Calhoun. It faces Main Street, north of Magnolia builders supply.
The brick, tile and concrete structure was completed several months ago by Bennett and McGowen, local contractors. During the winter modern ice manufacturing equipment was installed by Walter Collins of Texarkana, construction engineer for ice plants. Overall dimensions of the building are 62 x 63′. A loading dock in the managers office and sales room occupy the front of the building, with freezing and storage compartments in the rear.

Ice Manufacture

Home Ice Company - April 16, 1949 - 3The plants brine tank can produce 30 tons of pure, top-quality ice each day, Mr. Schultz said.
Water is placed in cans in the tank, and saltwater brine, I kept at a temperature 15° to 25° below the normal freezing point of the pure water, circulates around the cans and freezes the water in them into commercial ice.
Ammonia coils at one end of the tank reduce the temperature of the brine, and circulating paddles cause the salt water make sure to pass through the coil’s and around the cans of freshwater. The freezing equipment is electrically operated and entirely automatic, the plant manager explained. Ammonia compresses are through medically controlled to maintain the desired brine temperature, and ensure even freezing. The storage compartment of the plant has a capacity of 70 tons of ice.

Home Ice Company - April 16, 1949 - 2Marketing plans

Mr. Schultz said to home ice company trucks would be used on the routes in Magnolia during the early weeks of business. Ice is being wholesaled to independent peddlers operating routes throughout the county. The company sells ice and both black and crust forms. Crushed ice is offered in waterproof bags. Also sold at the plant are ice refrigerators, cold drink boxes, drinking fountains and ice cream freezers.

Working at the plant

L.H. Schultz, a native of Texas moved to magnolia last November, while the plant was under construction. His wife is the former Miss Joanne Monzingo of Magnolia. Just Olive of Waldo, The day plant engineer, has had 20 years of experience and the ice business. Relma Burdine of Magnolia has charge of ice manufacturing at night.

-The Daily Banner- News, Magnolia, Ark, Friday, April 15th, 1949

Home Ice, an Ice factory in the middle of Magnolia Arkansas,  closed in 2000 and there are currently no plans for renovation or demolition.  Inside we found papers scattered everywhere, along with old photos, equipment that produced ice and old signs of the factory. There was a lingering smell of asbestos along with water damage and rust. Vandals have ransacked the old office scattering furniture, personal items and records.


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  1. Now that the county is wet they could turn it into a restaurant and dance hall, and keep the name. 😀

  2. What wonderful memories of going there with my Daddy as a kid so sad would be awesome if some one could restore it to the ice house if for nothing other than history.

  3. I drive past this every day and always thought it looked cool. So neat to see how the inside looks, kinda sad though. Now I am looking at all the other abandoned places on that website lol thanks for sharing

  4. I wonder who owns the building? There's some really cool items that could be refurbished into other things.

  5. U know Camden has an old abandon ice house I wonder what kind a shape its n wonder if they r bult the same.

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