Cotton Plant Presbyterian Church

City/Town: Cotton Plant
Location Class: Church
Year Built: 1920's
Year Abandoned: 1990's
Status: Demolished Burned Down
Photographer: Michael Schwarz

Established in 1880

When integration came to Cotton Plant Public Schools in 1968, many white families moved to Brinkley (Monroe County) and Des Arc (Prairie County), and the town’s population dropped drastically. In 2004, Cotton Plant schools were consolidated with those of Augusta (Woodruff County). The high school closed, but the elementary school remains open. Today, Cotton Plant has no industry and few businesses, and the city struggles economically. Much of the historic downtown has been demolished, and only a few of the fine old homes remain.


  1. What's the address for this church? My mother and I love to explore abandoned places and this one caught her eye!

  2. History relates to this type of locations and no doubt people use the architecture of their own houses. The big companies start their new projects on this type of location because it's out of the city.

  3. Rest assured the antique brick was salvaged and being re used in a number of projects. The beams and windows were bought by a local individual and the cornerstone was given to a local church people. Wish someone had the time & money to have fixed the building, but that happening. A few of the doors, arched top and swinging entry doors are still available.. Save what we can, salvage the rest. Richard

  4. I remember going to church there and playing on the stairs and the front steps as a child over 35 years ago. It saddens me know to see it gone. I'm glad to see someone took photos before it was taken down. I had intended to take pictures but when I returned a few weeks later it was all down. Thank you again for the memories.

  5. I hope someone salvaged the window frames, doors and remaining sanctuary ceiling beams and other historical hardware. I bet there might be a time capsule inside the cornerstone too.

  6. Desmond Walls Allen on

    I went by the church today and have more photos – the entire middle part is down and a contractor is salvaging bricks.

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