Conway Homestead

City/Town: Conway
Location Class: Residential
Year Built: N/A
Year Abandoned: 1983
Status: Demolished
Photographer: Michael SchwarzEddy Sisson

This once grand home had been abandoned on Highway 64 in Conway for over twenty-five years. When the last owner moved out in 1983, she left the property empty. Several years of weathering and vagrants made this old home become unsafe and dilapidated. We were lucky to get inside before the property owners recently demolished it.

Demolition Photos May 2014


  1. You have a fascinating website and the pics are fine. Keep adding old abandoned buildings and I will keep returning. Of course I am way behind so I may have ot do a Netflix binge style day to look at all of your posts.

  2. One night, a friend and I parked in the lot in front of the auto yard and walked through a muddy field to that house. We thought better of going inside and trudging about rotting floors in the dark but I'm glad we at least stood on the porch and in the doorways. A few months later, I hydroplaned and went off the highway. I came within a few yards of the house. If I were superstitious… It breaks my heart that they tore it down.

  3. So sad it was allowed to reach this state of disrepair. Why not sell it cheap….. if you know someone will preserve its history, restore its beauty. Too many owners aren't concerned about history.

    • there was an old photo album upstairs in a closet that I remembered look into and it showed some old family pictures in it but they were really faded I don't know if you could have been able to tell anything

  4. They demolished it? I drove by there not too long ago and remembered seeing it there. Wonder when that happened.

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