Augusta Elementary School

City/Town: Augusta
Location Class: School
Year Built: N/A
Year Abandoned: 2008
Status: Abandoned
Photographer: Michael SchwarzEddy SissonJared Holt

The history of Augusta elementary school is surprisingly undocumented; from public records to the school districts own website, there is not much written on the conditions in which this building was built, used, or those involved in its administration. Most of what we do know came from inside the school itself: the school moved locations in the summer of 2008, leaving behind the old one as well as most of the equipment inside. A fairly unique case for a school that remains unconsolidated, quite a few computers, documents, and other usable goods were simply left in the building to whither away over time.

The home of the Red Devils was recently ransacked by three teenage boys, turning an already decrepit building into a metaphorical hellscape. The boys were arrested on site and charged with trespassing and defacing public property. Though this act of vandalism is certainly tragic for the people of Augusta, it gave the community a new appreciation for their past and this building in particular. While exploring, we were met with several concerned citizens who were protective of the school and certain moves are being made to preserve the property from further damage.

One such individual was Jake Jones, who gave us a tour of the school he was proud to attend. Visiting from Little Rock, he came to the school to share memories with his son and found himself overwhelmed by the damage done to the building. After sharing some of the stories from his past and the now abandoned places that played a part in his life, Jones told us he was happy for what we were doing, preserving a piece of history for parents to share with their kids.

Written by Wells Thompson – AAR Staff

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  1. I went to this school and am saddened that it was left to wither away. I remember planting trees by Hwy 64 for Arbor Day while attending this school. I remember the lunch room. Fond memories indeed.

  2. Glenn Pettus on

    America became great with one room schools.

    We now have all these mega schools and look at our pathetic selves.

    Sadly we have become highly degreed but totally devoid of wisdom.

  3. Lots of usable things abandoned in there. The school should gather up and use some of those things.

  4. I attended 1st through 5th grades in this building. I also taught 3rd grade for five years at the beginning of my teaching career. It is a shame that this building cannot serve some positive purpose in our community.

  5. I could write a book of memories. It brings a lump to my throat to see this..Thanks for checking up on it Jake and posting this article..and pictures…

  6. Do you know who to contact in regards to this building I would love to buy some of the schools books and possibly some other items if they would sell them.

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