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Ashley County Nursing Center

Ashley County Nursing Center

Location Class:
Built: 1965 | Abandoned: 2000
Status: Abandoned
Photojournalist: Ginger BeckBriana Pennington

In the southern corner of the state, bordering Mississippi and Louisiana, tiny community quietly sits, still surviving after years of struggle. Wilmot is one of the oldest settlements in eastern Ashley County, although it wasn’t incorporated until 1898. Just east of Lake Enterprise, which was once a part of Bayou Bartholomew, Wilmot was a steamboat stop long before the railroad came through, built a depot, and renamed the community. Wilmot sits on Highway 165 between Parkdale (home of the Dr. Williams House and the now defunct Parkdale High School) and the Louisiana state line.

The Ashley County Nursing Center sits quietly on one of the towns long, curving roads through town. Once a place for residents to spend their twilight years, nurses and doctors to care for their patients, and new nurses to train, it is now abandoned. Bed frames and mattresses still rest in the cinder block rooms. Now rotting pianos play no more music. Windows still allow beautiful natural light to shine in, but no one is there to benefit from the glow.

The community has few major businesses left. The school was consolidated with Hamburg School District. EZMart is bustling: the only stop and shop within miles, housing the police station in the same building. Mainline Health Systems provides the medical and dental care for area residents now.

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Ginger Beck

Ginger Beck has been exploring with Abandoned ARkansas since 2017. She has authored "Abandoned South Arkansas: Natural State, Natural Decay" and co-authored "Abandoned Arkansas: An Echo From the Past". She lives in a restored historic home in Downtown Little Rock and works to raise awareness on historical structures with local agencies.

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1 year ago

Where exactly is this located

3 years ago

I tried to find this place and couldn’t find it

3 years ago

Where is this place located in Wilmott?

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