Windsor Haven Nursing

City/Town: Arkadelphia
Location Class: ResidentialHospital
Year Built: N/A
Year Abandoned: 2002
Status: Endangered
Photographer: Michael SchwarzJared Holt

The Windsor Haven nursing home first opened in the mid-1970s as the Clark County Memorial Hospital and treated patients from Arkadelphia as well as the surrounding area. However, in the mid-1990s ownership of the facility changed hands and was renamed to Windsor Haven and later changed to the Arkadelphia Retirement Center. Shortly after the building was deemed unsafe and repairs could not be done due to financial status the nursing home was in. In the early 2000’s patients were slowly moved out and into other facilities and the Arkadelphia retirement center shut its doors in late 2002, just before Christmas.

Today, the interior is blanketed in multiple layers of black mold, the ceiling is falling in and dust covers all the old furniture. Some of the nearby neighbors have many memories of the kind patients and nurses that used to walk through the halls. One neighbor stated that she saw an elderly woman in a rocking chair through the first floor window several years after the closing.

Police constantly patrol of the area and will not hesitate to arrest anybody found inside. Do NOT go to this dangerous location without permission!


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  2. I used to work at a pizza restaurant down the street from this building. While it is closed now, it was operating as a mental institution type facility as late as 2006-2007. There was most definitely not enough staff for the amount of patients they had because the patients regularly escaped and a lot of times they ended up at the restaurant. There was a man who, for lack of a better way to say this, was a different person every time he came in. He had a different name, different back story, several outfits (police officer, inspector, fireman, etc.) to go with his stories. There was a man that stood in front of the sign with a huge boombox (think John Cusack in Say Anything) & danced every day. One day a woman escaped and came into my restaurant and proceeded to take off ALL her clothes. She then went outside to the picnic table and stood on it, dancing and waving at people. I called the police but they thought I was pranking them so I walked over to the institution and found someone at the desk. I told her what was going on and she asked me what she was supposed to do about it since she was the only one working. We kept calling & the police eventually showed up and took her back but she had gathered quite a crowd. The facility shut down a few months after that and has been abandoned ever since.

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