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Newton County Jail

Newton County Jail

Location Class:
Built: 1903 | Abandoned: 2009
Historic Designation: National Register of Historic Places
Status: Abandoned
Photojournalist: Eddy SissonJames Kirkendall

Newton County JailIn 1901 citizens of Newton County donated $1,500 so that a new courthouse and jail could be built in Jasper. Set to be completed no later than June 25, 1902, and was completed made of local stone. The two-story historic jail that sits near the courthouse was still used as a jail up until 2009 but is still being used for some day to day operations. A nomination form was created in 1979 to list the jail on the NRHP but it wasn’t until Dec. 1, 1994, that the nomination was accepted.

“Jim Bolin, aged 32, a paroled convict, was lodged in the Newton County jail at Jasper last Friday night charged with the murder of Elias Southerlan, 60, his brother-in-law. The killing occurred last Friday night at Southerlan’s home at Fallsville, in Newton County.”- The Madison County Record Nov. 30, 1933.

Article by AAR Photojournalist Emily Cowan.

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James Kirkendall

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6 days ago

[…] check out the old Newton County Jail which is right near the town square. It was built in 1902 of local stone and was used as a jail […]

5 years ago

i spent a drunken night in this jail 60 yrs ago

Andre C. Scott
Andre C. Scott
6 years ago


6 years ago

This statement is not exactly true !! Newton County shut down it’s jail July 1, 2009 .The old jail was over 100 years old and was in constant operation until it’s closing this year. I was in this town in 2015 as I am every year in the Fall. I ask if I could Tour the Old Jail, to an Officer who was standing outside. He said quote unquote, "Sure, go in an ask the Jailer who is sitting at the front desk". I went into the building and there was a man sitting at the desk behind the bars… Read more »

heart health
6 years ago

If there were no gratings I wouldn't say it was a jail. The building looks like a castle.

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