Huttig School

City/Town: Huttig
Location Class: School
Year Built: 1974
Year Abandoned: 2008
Status: Abandoned
Photographer: Caitlen Taylor

Huttig schools were desegregated in the 1960s, like other south Arkansas school districts. In 2003, the Arkansas General Assembly required school districts with fewer than 350 students to consolidate. Huttig was forced into consolidation with the neighboring Strong (Union County) school district in 2004. The school board closed the junior high school in Huttig in 2006 and then closed the elementary school in 2008, transporting students to the schools in Strong. The weakness of the housing industry led to layoffs at the sawmill in Huttig in the early twenty-first century.

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  1. Kim Chebahtah Grubbs on

    I graduated from HHS in 1988. Mr. Mathis was our superintendent. He would be heartbroken to see the school in this condition. It was his labor of love. My teachers cared for us and pushed us to be better. And my coach, Ms. Billie Gathright, she shaped my life in profound ways. She used a game to teach us life lessons and she made us WORK for what we got-and our state championship was sweeter for it. I have so many memories in that school and it makes me so very sad to see the condition of the school. Eagles forever!

  2. Russell "Rusty" Ham on

    Russell "Rusty" Ham
    I attended and graduated Huttig Schools. I am very proud of my days at HHS. In those days, Huttig and Felsenthal were the greatest places in the world. Even though the two schools were segregated, there was no racism, no classes of wealth or status, everyone spoke to each other and treated each other the same. HHS was integrated in the fall of 1966, a year too late for me, we graduated in the spring of 1966. I was the only Sr on our basketball team and would have loved to be teammates with the Boyette brothers. That said, Huttig was the best place in the world for us to be raised as kids. Leytine "Thornton" has produced some great DVDs about Huttig, great work. I grew up in Felsenthal and loved most every minute of my childhood, even though it was tough at times. Probably my oldest friend, Vernon Sullivan still has an amazing memory of details of both Felsenthal and Huttig. Mrs. Perry Jean Gathright was our favorite teacher and James E. Nix was a great Principal. Both are still alive and well respected.
    As far as the destruction of HHS, it sickens me, really hurts to drive by over the years and watch the once great HHS crumble from total disregard. My Dad and my brother went to HHS, the old 3 story plus basement building. The death of this school plus the closing of the old store in Huttig killed the interaction of people, of races meeting together cheering for our Eagles at the new gym, sorry, new to me and buying groceries at the old Commisary, shaking hands and exchanging stories, living together in total peace. I apologize for my rambling, I hope I delivered my message about Huttig and Felsenthal and my love for Huttig High School-leave it to Strong to try to destroy our HHS.

  3. Billie Gathright on

    I coached and taught at this wonderful school for 34 years . Would not have considered working anywhere else . It just breaks my heart to see such a big part of so many people’s lives destroyed . There were some of the finest people I’ve ever met that walked those halls and played in that gym !!! ?

    • Were you one of the Gathright boys of the early 1970's? Had a really sweet sister" My dad, Acie Ford and wife, Marolyn were pastor at first Baptist church. 73-79 ish Look me up on Facebook – alaskansharon.

  4. so sad, makes you angry and sad at the same time. graduated there in 77, my sister and brother later. one of the best gyms in the county now look and for what?

  5. Karen Wolven on

    If a property is listed as abandoned, how do I find out if it can be bought? I am new to this idea and unfamiliar with the laws when it involves a building not privately owned.

    • I would try to call the court house of the area and tell them what bldg you are interested in and see if they can give you any contact info

  6. It's a shame to see the Huttig gym in this shape. I can remember it clean and filled with spectators. It is so sad to see these small schools abandoned and in disrepair.

  7. I was thinking there was a state law that if a consolidated school facility went unused for more than two years, the surviving district was supposed to sell the property. Guess there aren't any buyers at any price. 🙁

  8. Went to Old Union, still and always will be a Cyclone at heart. Was a shame when they closed both huttig and unions doors. Still remember playing at huttig like it was yesterday

  9. I was the first class to graduate in the new school. That was in 1974. This school was not built in 1982. I don't know where this information came from but it's wrong. I remember specifically and have pics of the library during study hall. My yearbooks has pics are all in the new school. Whoever did this research is was misinformed. Pamela S. Mathews class of 1974.

    • I think they are confusing it with the elementary school. '82-'83 was the year it opened. It opened after Christmas break that school year. The first half of the year we went to the old wooden elementary school behind the old gym. I was in Mrs. Daniels' 1st grade class.

  10. Sad and disgusting. I hate what has become of our beautiful school. This school was like no other- teachers that cared and parents that cared but apparently that wasn't enough!

  11. Kathy McAdams on

    This was a wonderful school and the people of Huttig always wanted what was best for their children. It was a wonderful place to teach and has a place in my heart forever!

  12. that wood flooring isn't being ripped up. it has buckled due to the huge, gaping hole in the roof that has allowed the elements to destroy it. i have an old gym in Langley, AR. this would've happen to our gym floor if we hadn't gotten it when we did. a small leak had started and it was just a matter of time until the same thing happened.

  13. Todd Hendricks on

    I always enjoyed playing in the round gym. 7 of the 8 schools that was in the 7B East Conferance are closed now, sad, Old Union, Mt. Holly, Thorton, New Edengburg, Banks and Kingsland. I went to Old Union, Parkers Chapel is the only one left.

  14. I was going to school there when they desegerated. I was there when they built the round gym. It is so sad to see it in ruins.

  15. I wonder who you have to get in touch with I would like some of the old books out there? and it looks like i the photo either vandals or someone has bee rippig up the wood flooring

  16. Jodda Mitchell on

    Wonderful set of photos. I wonder why we enjoy looking at ruins? I have no ties or emotional connection to this place, yet the photos make me feel so sad

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