Butram Country Club

City/Town: Pine Bluff
Location Class: Commercial
Year Built: 1949
Year Abandoned: 2000
Status: Abandoned
Photographer: Michael Schwarz

The cracks in the parking lot pavement are gradually giving away to more and more weeds. The lights that once illuminated the one time elegant snack bar stand dark. The electric bill no longer paid and their illumination no longer required. The large swimming pool that once hosted noisy crowds of fun-seeking summertime revelers continues to stand out in an easily recognized fashion but what little water now standing within it is filled with algae and covered by scum. And the only spirits left in the bar in the main building consists of the memories that continue to quietly reside from days now long gone.

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  2. So very sad to see what it looks like now, I went there as a per teen and teenager, then I always took my Daughter there as she was growing up, It was the best of times there, We always had so much fun.

    • Michael Schwarz on

      One man's trash is another man's treasure! I love the stories that they tell, and we all have memories at these places that can live on forever through photos.

  3. I had many memories their too Jim. I understand completely why it had to close. Times change and we learn to move on. Hell. If someone opened it back up itd just be vandalized and tore up by a generation now that has no respect for anything these days. Not even themselves

  4. When we voted to close the pool membership had gotten real low and also the pool was in badly need of repairs because of 35 years of great use. The pool had bad cracks in it that had been patched year after year plus those were the original chlorinator tanks that were beyond use. The bridge going into But ram's had washed out and now is completely gone was needing to be replaced and the city wouldn't replace it because we were told that was a private road. With the pool being grandfathered in because it was there before it got annexed in the city we were able to get away with things that we probably shouldn't have. I hated more than anything to close the pool but had no choice the surrounding neighborhood thugs had started breaking in and vandalizing the property. Even as an adult l still miss the place after 17 years it's been gone. I have alot of memories from the 70's when l was a child going there and also during the 90s l made memories with my kids. In order to get it back to operating you would have to start from scratch with everything.

  5. That's why Pine Bluff's population has dropped to 53,000. There's nothing left for decent people to do. I left because there were no jobs,no revenue and no movie theaters. There used to be several. The Flick, The Broadmoor and the mall. There used to be 2 drive in theaters too. Nothing to do unless you're a criminal. I wish I could get everybody I care about out of that "Shit Hole".

    • Brian, I feel he same way. I have family in White Hall. But because of jobs they are always in P.B.. There is nothing in that mall with the population drop and check your pricing on real estate. That speaks for itself.

    • I left in Nov of 1984 because of those reasons and still have a hand full of friends there Im trying to get out. We have had opportunitues to move back but declined each time

  6. Mark Grimmett on

    Did anyone notice that the building moved? I mean, it was on the shallow end when I went there. If you look closely in the pictures, it's on the deep end.

  7. Even though I lived across the street I was never allowed in there…this is my first time seeing the inside of that place

    • Yes verry sad . I received my life guard cert there and we were members through my childhood. Is Keri your sister? I think I remember you guys

  8. That is a shame. Great memories at that place! Great pictures… but who wrote this article? Obviously, they never spent any time at Butrams. This Country Club didn't have a golf course or a wet bar.

    • Well I wondered! I remember the pool and tennis courts, but never a clubhouse, much less a bar, lol!! Practically lived there for 10 summers.

      • Yes verry sad . I received my life guard cert there and we were members through my childhood. Is Keri your sister? I think I remember you guys. Alcohol wasn't allowed .

  9. Wow… How sad!! I had so many great memories there in the 70's and 80's.. I was hoping it was still going and giving other kids great memories… To this day I hear certain songs on the radio that reminds me of butrams… Makes me smile….

  10. John Norsworthy on

    I spent many happy hours at Buttams as a kid I go back there every now and then and it's sad to see it in such bad shape

  11. I remember joining Butram's the first time. I remember getting dropped off in the mornings and picked up when mom got off work. This was a place we really missed.

  12. In my whole life …..I never went to Butram's…..No one ever took me…..I went to Eden Park…..twice. Luckwood. None of the other country clubs…..

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