Logan County Memorial Hospital

City/Town: Guthrie, OK
Location Class: ResidentialChurchHospital
Year Built: 1926
Year Abandoned: 1974
Status: AbandonedNational Register of Historic Places
Photographer: Michael SchwarzJames Kirkendall

The Logan County Memorial Hospital of Guthrie Oklahoma was formerly named the Benedictine Heights Hospital. Construction started in 1926 and was slowly built due to the depression. It was completed in 1948.

The hospital was built due to the lack of space in the Methodist Episcopal Hospital, which had 40 beds and was located across the street.

Hospital Doors opened in 1948 from donations from the community and funding from the Benedictine sisters.

First floor and Basement: Administration Offices, Cafeteria, Kitchen, Temporary Emergency room and Morgue. Second Floor: Patient Rooms Third Floor: Nurseries Fourth Floor: X- ray , Orthopedic, Urology Rooms Fifth Floor: Chapel.

In 1953 an extra ward was built for children with disabilities and there was a long waiting list for admittance.

St Anthony’s in Oklahoma City had an agreement with the sisters to continue operating the facility in 1964. The facility was named the Alverno Heights Hospital but the arrangement was short lived.

In 1974 the hospital’s name was changed to the Logan County Memorial Hospital.

In 1974 the Logan County Hospital Association closed the Logan County Memorial Hospital due to the lack of spacing.

Presently, the Old Logan County Memorial Hospital is being nominated to the National Register of Historic Places and will be renovated into senior living apartments.

Logan County Historical Society, Oklahoma Historical Society

WARNING: Permission was granted in order to photograph. The property of the Old Logan County Hospital is monitored constantly by local police and state of the art security systems. All trespassers are subject to an arrest.


  1. Darksidenurse on

    Amazing pics of the inside of a local historic building before its renovation. One small correction though, for the information given at the very beginning—it was not closed in 1974. I was born there in 1975 & my sister was born there in 1978. I think it closed in late ‘78 b/c the new hospital was opened later that year.

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  3. The owner must make some renovation and give the place on rent or sold it to someone who willing to start a new business or wants to make a house. Nowadays the purchasing of and land is quite difficult because of its prices rises.

  4. Amazing shots of such a cool place and artifacts! The bed and the gurney photos really give a peek into its prior life!

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