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Beckham Hotel

Beckham Hotel

Location Class:
Built: 1885 | Abandoned: N/A
Status: AbandonedFor Sale
Photojournalist: James Kirkendall

The Beckham Hotel is located in the once booming cotton capital of the world, Greenville Texas, Hunt County. The massive building was constructed in the year 1885 as several businessman purchased multiple lots. The project was overseen by W.L Beckham who was a blacksmith. W.L Beckham also built several other hotels including the famous Hotel Grace (known as Grace Museum) of Abilene, TX.

Beckham HotelThe Beckham Hotel was built for $30,000 and it stretches from Lee Street to Washington Street having a big city apartment feel. Beckham Hotel featured several barber shops and even a bowling alley. At one time the building across the street was the hotel annex and featured a walk way connecting to the main buildings. In the year 1957 it was reported a boiler exploded causing a fire to a good portion of the hotel. Over the years extensive renovations have been made. More recently the building was used as a residential home known as the “Townhouse”.

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James Kirkendall

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6 years ago

You made it to Texas! I was here a couple years ago and it looks as though nothing has really changed. I’m surprised you guys didn’t mention the Cadillac. Another post, perhaps? Nice work, as usual! Cheers, DA

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