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Our Mission

Everyday, Arkansas’s abandoned structures are threatened by demolition or the risk of collapse, fire and other tragedy. Our organization travels to said decayed landmarks around the state to bare witness to the vandalism, weathering and slow deterioration of historically significant buildings. It is as heartbreaking as it is captivating. It is our mission is to help raise awareness for these structures through historical documentation and publication of these stores, churches, amusement parks, banks– the list goes on and on. Sometimes our website is the last time these places will be documented before they disappear forever.


The content of Abandoned Arkansas is hosted on a multi platform network that attracts a loyal, upscale audience in and around the state of Arkansas. We are a nonprofit organization and most of our monthly hosting, time, and travel costs come from our personal funds. We will work with your company on the placement and price of your ad. Advertising with us will not only benefit your business, but will help us to continue preserving history and therefore, bringing more traffic to the site. As it stands, we get about 10,000 views a week. Fill out the form below or contact us directly: info@AbandonedAR.com or 405-650-0005.

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