A.P. Green Fire Brick Company Plant

City/Town: Little Rock
Location Class: Industrial
Year Built: N/A
Year Abandoned: 1991
Status: Demolished
Photographer: Sarah Anderson

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  1. This was Conestoga Wood Specialties from the Early 80's to the 90's to 2000's. They made Kitchen Cabinet fronts. The large concrete silo (47) was for Sawdust, which was a byproduct of the wood mill and used to heat the dry kilns. The huge holes in the ground(104) were the elevators that stacks of wood were set on then raised as the wood was offloaded. The Dry kiln was the concrete block building (pic 19). Conestoga bought the plant after Wrape Forest Industries went bankrupt. Wraps had started out as a Stave company, then went to flooring and then Cabinets and bedroom furniture. My dad worked for Wrapes from the day after he graduated High School in 58 until they went Bankrupt, then was one of the first from Wrapes that Conestoga hired. He worked for the banks to help liquidate the wood inventory while the plant was shut down. He left Conestoga in the 90's. I worked there one summer during 1985. I spent a lot of time under the sheds in pics 53 and 54 helping stack and unstack the rough lumber as it was being graded. Wrapes had generated its own power with the sawdust (pic 4 is the generator) in the early going. I think they sold excess power back to the city. There were two smokestacks that stood for a long time that could be seen from a distance. This was located along East 6th street not far from the airport.

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